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San Jose Delta is a closely held California corporation, ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED, ITAR registered and for security purposes is an E-Verify employer, located in Santa Clara, CA. Since our 1971 beginning   in San Jose, CA. San Jose Delta has expanded into 25,000 square feet of manufacturing area where we process alumina powders into various grades of alumina allowing us to take advantage of the benefits of machining pre-sintered alumina materials and making it cost effective to maintain a “ready to grind” inventory of rods, bars, tubes and sheets making very fast delivery times possible. We are also a US government approved beryllium oxide grinding facility.

SJD prides itself in the ability to machine or grind nearly all ceramics and ceramic like material from sapphire and quartz, aluminum nitride and beryllium oxide, to boron nitride and silicon carbide.

We offer material solutions for your consideration and machine or grind to your specifications.

However we may be of assistance; “contact us

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