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Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Machining and Grinding

Aluminum Nitride - AlN, is most often the material of choice due to its relatively excellent thermal conductivity and non-toxic nature.

Because San Jose Delta has a segregated beryllium oxide - BeO department with over 20 years of experience fabricating common microwave designs such as helix support rods, termination wedges, heatsinks, etc.,we apply the same basic manufacturing processes to produce these designs using aluminum nitride.

AlN is somewhat more challenging than some other technical ceramic because the fine grained grinding powder adheres to the diamond tooling requiring frequent wheel dressing to allow for efficient stock removal without excessive preassure and localized heating. Otherwise, Aluminium nitride machines like other technical ceramics. ALN can be drilled, threaded, and ground with the same basic technics and processes as aluminium oxide. San Jose has extensive experience fabricating aluminum nitride parts so contact us today; we will be pleased to assist you.

Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Material Properties Data

PAD" Aluminum Nitride
"PAD" (Pressure Assisted Densiflcation) AIN is processed to be fully dense and is characterized as having good thermal conductivity and dielectric properties. AIN is non-toxic and makes an attractive alternate for applications where BeO is used/considered. Additionally, AIN is resistant to molten aluminum, gallium, iron, nickel, molybdenum, silicon and boron. AlN can be metalized, plated and brazed.
"PAD" Aluminum Nitride - Properties (Typical)
Property Value
Bulk Desity 3.27 g/cm
Average Grain Size 5.0 µm
Flexural Strength (MOR) 
@ RT, 4 point average
338 MPa
52 ksi
Characteristic Strength
 @ RT, 4 point
373 MPa
54 ksi
Weibull Modulus (m) 16
Elastic Modulus (E)
330 GPa
47 Mpsi
Poisson's Ratio (v) 0.25
Hardness (Knoop 1 kg) 1100 kg/mm
Fracture Toughness (Vickers) 2.5 MPa*m
Thermal Expansion (RT-1000°C) 5.0 x 10/°C
Thermal Conductivity (RT) 170-200 W/m*K
Thermal Shock Resistance (T) 675°C
Dielectric Constant 1kHz
 1 MHz
Electrical Resistivity (ohm-cm ) 1014
Dielectric Loss (RT - 1MHz) 0.0001-0.001
*Properties vary depended upon green forming technique

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