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Boron Carbide Material Properties Data

"PAD" Boron Carbide

"PAD" (Pressure Assisted Densification) Boron Carbide is characterized by outstanding hardness, low specific gravity, excellent corrosion resistance and a high neutron absorbing cross-section. This material is suitable for light weight armor, nuclear and wear applications.

"PAD" Boron Carbide Material Properties Data (Typical)
Bulk Density 2.48 g/cm
Flexural Strength (MOR) 366 MPa
    @ RT, 4 point average 53 ksi
Characteristic Strength 380 MPa
    @ RT, 4 point 55 ksi
Weibull Modulus (m) 12
Compressive Strength 2.76 GPa
  400 ksi
Elastic Modulus (E) 66 Mpsi
Poisson's Ratio (v) 0.17
Hardness (Knoop 100 g) 3000 kg/mm
Boron 76.50% Minimum
Carbon 22.50% Maximum
Silicon 0.20% Maximum
Aluminum 0.15% Maximum
Iron 0.15% Maximum

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