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Boron Nitride Machining and Grinding

Boron nitride is offered in several grades each with unique materal properties. All however, are readily machinable; much like green (not sintered), alumina BN allows drilling, tapping, treads etc. without the need for diamond tools. The Saint Gobain COMBAT
TM , BN Technical Data Sheet below should assist you in your material review and selection process

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Boron Nitride Material Properties Data

Hot-Pressed Boron Nitride Shapes
Hot-pressed BN is compacted at temperatures up to 2000°C and pressures up to 2000 psi to form a dense, strong engineering material that is easily machined. It is available in standard and custom hot-pressed shapes and has several unique characteristics and physical properties which make it valuable for solving tough problems in a wide range of industrial applications. 

Thermal Management of Electronic Devices
The unique combination of being both an excellent electrical insulator and thermal conductor makes BN very useful as a heat sink in high power electronic applications. Its properties compare favorably with beryllium oxide, aluminum oxide and other electronic packaging materials, and it is easier to form and finish.

High Temperature Applications
Temperature stability and excellent resistance to thermal shock makes BN the material of choice in the toughest high temperature applications such as plasma arc welding equipment, diffusion source wafers, and semiconductor crystal growth equipment & processing.

Molten Metal Handling
BN is inorganic, inert and is not wet by most molten metals and slags, and it does not react with halide saks or other reagents. These characteristics, combined with low thermal expansion, make it ideal for interface materials used in various molten metal processes.

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