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Quartz Material Properties Data

Typical Physical Properties, Type 214 Clear Fused Quartz
Density 2.2 x 103 kg/m
Hardness 5.5-6.5 Mohs' Scale 570 KHN
Design Tensile Strength 4.8 x 10Pa (N/m ) (7000 psi)
Design Compressive Strength Greater than 1.1 x 10Pa (160,000 psi)
Bulk Modulus 3.7 x 10 Pa (5.3 x 10psi)
Rigidity Modulus 3.1 x 10 Pa (4.5 x 10psi)
Young's Modulus 7.2 x 10 Pa (10.5 x 10psi)
Poisson's Ratio 0.17
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (20°C-320°C) 5.5 x 10 cm/cm * °C
Thermal Conductivity (20°C) 1.4 W/m * °C
Specific Heat (20°C) 670 J/kg * °C
Softening Point 1683°C
Annealing Point 1215°C
Strain Point 1120°C
Electrical Resistivity (350°C) 7 x 10 V/m
Dielectric Properties (20°C and 1 MHz)  
Constant 3.75
Strength 5 x 10V/m
Loss Factor <4 x 10
Dissipation Factor <1 x 10
Index of Refraction 1.4585
Constringence (Nu value) 67.56
Velocity of Sound-Shear Wave 3.75 x 10 m/s
Velocity of Sound/Compression Wave 5.90 x 10 m/s
Sonic Attentuation <11 db/m MHz
Permeability Constants (700°C) (cm mm/cm sec. cm of Hg)
Helium 210 x 10
Hydrogen 21 x 10
Deutrium 17 x 10
Neon 9.5 x 10
Fused Quartz Products
Type Description Typical Application
Standard Grade
214 Tubing The industry standard clear fused quartz material. Economical and available in a full range of sizes. Excellent visual, thermal and mechanical properties with low hydroxyl content and tight dimensional tolerances. High performance and high temperature lan\mps such as mercury and quartz halogen, UV lamps, thermocouples, semiconductor quartzware, waveguide handles, and other high temperature products
254 Tubing UV blocking cerium doped clear fused quartz which also has essentially all UV-B and UV-C radiation while maintaining transmittance efficiency in the visible spectral range.
UV-sensitive high temperature applications including halogen and discharge lamps where UV radiation would create personal or material exposure risks. Eliminates need for coatings, filters and lenses for UV blocking.
214A, 219A
Identical to the standard varieties but with hydroxyl and 254A Tubing other dissolved gas content essentially eliminated.
Metal halide lamp envelopes and other applications requiring hydroxyl-free material.
021 Tubing Clear synthetic fused silica with high UV transmittance and ultra high purity. Provides maximum transparency to deep UV and resistance to solarization. Low hydroxyl content plus excellent visual, thermal, mechanical and dimensional properties. Envelopes and sleeve tubing for UV and ozone producing lamps; curing, chemical processing and germicidal lamps; and the most advanced semiconductor applications. Also solarization sensitive applications.
Lighting Grades
219 Clear fused quartz tubing doped with titanium oxide to block deep UV radiation. Visual and dimensional characteristics are identical to Type 214, while thermal and mechanical properties are similar. Commonly called "germmicidal" or "ozone free" quartz. Anti-bacterial and other lamps where UV transmittance in the germicidal range is required but where deeper UV radiation or ozone generation is undesirable.

Semiconductor Grades
214 Rod Clear fused quartz rod with minimal air lines and inclusions, and excellent dimensional stability. Used to fabricate silicon wafer carriers for the semiconductor industry.
214 LD Tubing Clear fused quartz with the same excellent properties as Type 214 but for large diameter applications. Used by the semiconductor industry for diffusion, oxidation and LPCVD processing.
224 Tubing,
LD Tubing,
Similar to Type 214 with the same exceptional high viscosity and visual standards. Special methods are used to reduce alkali content to the PPB range Used in critical semiconductor diffusion systems where even trace levels of alkali content can reduce chip yields.
244 Tubing,
LD Tubing,
Similar to Type 224 but with reduced levels of aluminum. For users who prefer a lower aluminum quartz.
124 Ingots Clear fused quartz plate and window material produced in 72 inch diameter x 26 inch thick ingots. This material has high purity and will contain some fine bubbles. Various sizes and shapes readily available Used to fabricate wafer carriers and flanges for the semiconductor industry and in a variety of optical applications where low cost commercial quality material is specified.
134 Ingots Ingots Same as 124 Grade with reduced levels of aluminum. For users who prefer a low-aluminum material.
144 Ingots Same as 124 Grade with low aluminum, potassium and sodium. For users who prefer lower aluminum, potassium and sodium material.
012 Ingots Clear synthetic fused silica ingots in the same form as 124.
Its ultra high purity makes it useful for plates and discs used in the most critical semiconductor processes.

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