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94% - 99.9 Alumina Ceramics
MACOR® machinable glass ceramic
Beryllium Oxide  (BeO)
Sapphire Ceramics
Fused Quartz
Aluminum Nitride (ALN)
Boron Carbide
Boron Nitride
Silicon Nitride
Zirconia Ceramics
Toughened Alumina Ceramic Composites
Customer Supplied Materials welcomed.
Machining and Grinding Capabilities
San Jose Delta is supported by a modern and fully integrated grinding department. 

From "state of the art" ultra-sonic grinding and multi-axis CNC equipment to manual mills and lathes we can meet your product requirements and your budget.
Outside Diameter 24" Thread Grinding Any Class To 14" DIA
Inside Diameter 18" Micro Honing 6" DIA X 15" L
Surface Grinding 36" DIA X 36" L JIG Grinding To ± .00001
Center-less Grinding 4" DIA X 48" L Fine Surface Polishing
Small Hole Grinding .010" DIA Feature Grinding To Customer Specifications
Long Hole Drilling To 24" L Component Reclaim Services

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