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What We Do

San Jose Delta is a manufacturer of high purity Alumina ceramic materials. We perform precision machining, grinding and polishing services on technical ceramics, MACOR® - machinable glass ceramic by Corning, Beryllium Oxide and other hard and ceramic like materials.

We are a registered beryllium oxide processing facility.

San Jose Delta is a fabricator of Macor machinable glass ceramic and offers in-stock, rod-bar and sheet. Just give us a call 408-727-1448 x1190.

Our American Ceramics division produces various high purity alumina ceramic materials in standard rod-bar-plate and tube for use by grinding facilities and manufacturers of metalized and plated components.

Machining Assistance

If required, allow us to help you find the suitable material for your project and  machine it to your specifications. You will find "material properties data" below.

Alumina Ceramic 94%-99.9%
Aluminum Nitride (AlN)
Beryllium Oxide
Boron Nitride
Boron Carbide
MACOR® - machinable glass ceramic
Silicon Carbide
Silicon Nitride

Thin or Thick Film Metallization and Plating

Call us to discuss practical and cost effective options; chamfer versus radius, etc.

How To Contact Us

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